The Very Best of Daniel Island is Here!



It’s finally here!  The release of the long awaited Captain’s Island lots is happening this Saturday Oct. 14th – and they are something else!  Private amenities include a kayak launch and a gathering place exclusively reserved for Captain’s Island residents.  This 100 acre parcel was formerly known as Rhoden’s Island and is surrounded by Ralston Creek and the Wando River in Daniel Island Park.  While Daniel Island has many unique and beautiful locations, I truly believe that the sites on this new development are the best ever offered.

Click below for more information and a great video, and I will be happy to tour them with you.  Just give me a call at 843-475-6007 and allow me to show you a glimpse of Daniel Island at its most spectacular!


An Anniversary video


Hello all and a very belated Happy New Year and an early Happy Valentines Day! My apologies for not blogging as often but life is busy on Daniel Island with lots of new growth both in population and development. It seems that almost everyday I see a new face, or a new place to shop or eat here on the island. These are exciting times on Daniel Island!

To commemorate the 20th anniversary since the founding of Daniel Island, the company has released this wonderful look back at how we have grown over the years. Enjoy the video:

Also a little exciting this year on a personal level, agents from our office are now allowed to both list and sell properties and locations throughout the Charleston region. Previously we were restricted only to Daniel Island but now it will be an opportunity to expand my real estate horizons. And maybe an excuse to go to the beach and do some “market research.”

Funk and soul comes to Charleston!



Tower of Power, one of my favorite funk + soul bands of all time is coming to the Charleston Music Hall on Friday October 28th!  I’ve already got my tickets and am bringing some friends to what is sure to be a power packed show.  I have seen the band many times and Steve and I can attest that it’s always a blast to see these soulful legends.

For those of you not hip to the sounds of TOP, here’s a 9 minute clip of them performing one of their iconic tunes that they will be sure to play in Charleston.  Take a break and enjoy what is the eternal question – “What is hip?”


The Charleston Music Hall ( is a great venue located downtown on John St., right next door to Rue de Jean.  They really have amped up their bookings over the last year or two and it is one of the many jewels that Charleston has to offer.  Great sight lines, great acoustics, and you can even take a beverage with you inside to enjoy during the show.  Hope to see you on October 28th and come bring the funk!

A 20 year history of Daniel Island


If you have ever been curious about how Daniel Island was developed, there is an interesting story on the cover of this week’s Daniel Island News.  The link is below and provides quite a bit of detail about the inception and the history of the development.

I thought I knew the history pretty well but this article is very well researched and provides some interesting aspects of the early days of Daniel Island. It’s pretty amazing looking back 20 years and to think about where the development is today. Enjoy the read!

Row, row, row your gondola, gently down the canal . . .


Yup, that’s me doing most of the rowing while “Captain” Steve steers but what a blast we had! This photo is from a recent trip we took to Italy and in lieu of taking the touristy gondola ride, we decided to learn the techniques of rowing a gondola on our own.

Thanks to a Google search titled “How not to get ripped off on a gondola ride,” we came across a company called Row Venice (  Trip Advisor reviews were exemplary so we decided to go ahead and book a 90 minute lesson.  Row Venice is a non-profit, largely female led organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the art of voga alla veneta, the style of rowing made famous by gondoliers.

Believe me, it was big fun but also a nice workout and we were able to paddle through narrow canals as well as in the Venice lagoon.  Our instructor Lisa, was fabulous, patient, and even sang opera.  She is a Texan transplant and offered many other tips on how best to enjoy Venice.  After our lesson, we really appreciated the skills required by gondoliers and spent about the same amount of money as we would have spent on a 20 minute ride.

So if you find yourself in Venice and are feeling the effects of too much pasta, bread, and vino, I highly recommend experiencing Row Venice as a way to burn off some calories.  And while neither of us fell overboard, it was a nice lesson on teamwork and agility.  It was fun switching positions between steering and rowing and somehow we made it through the entire lesson without a spill.  Plus, the lunch afterwards on a quiet canal was well-earned as we recapped our adventure over the obligatory bread, pasta, and vino.






Golfboards are now available at the Daniel Island club!


How cool does this look?   No more 5 hour rounds and no more waiting around for your buddy to drive to his ball.  The Golfboard has come to the Daniel Island Club.  Currently they have rented 4 of these to test them out with the membership.  It will be interesting to hear the stories but I know my husband will be one of the first to try one out.  He already has taken the mandatory video lesson and signed his liability waiver.

The reports are that they are easy and fun to maneuver around the course, tee boxes and greens.  For a cool video on how they operate click here:  

Hopefully we won’t be hearing stories of collisions and any other mishaps.  The proponents of the Golfboards say that it’s easily possible to play 36 holes in about 5 hours. How that will affect play with golfers in standard golf carts is yet to be seen but I’m pretty sure these will prove to be quite popular.

Kudos to the golf staff for bringing some fun and exciting developments to the club.  Later this year they also have a tournament planned using only hickory shafted clubs with players attired in knickers and ties and hats.  One step forward and one step back I guess.  Stay tuned and you may even see a video of me scooting down one of the fairways soon!



Why call Daniel Island home?



Granted, I’m in the business of selling Daniel Island as a home.  Steve and I have been living here for over 10 years and truly feel it is home, but it’s always a challenge to present it to a newcomer looking for a place to call home.  This 3 minute video does a great job in presenting a variety of reasons why people have chosen to live on Daniel Island.

Feel free to pass it on to anyone looking for a place to call home, I’ll be glad to help them!

VIDEO: Why These Residents Chose to Call Daniel Island ‘Home’

Free SCE+G home energy audit

Here’s a little tip a friend turned me onto recently. Did you know that your local utility company (SCE+G) will come to your home and conduct a complimentary home energy audit?

A professionally trained member of the SCE&G Energy Team will walk through your home with you, visually inspecting windows and doors, caulking, weather stripping, insulation levels, appliances, water heaters, heating and cooling systems. This allows them to assess your home’s energy efficiency and usually takes about an hour. They look under your house and crawl around your attic and afterwards provide you with a check list of their recommendations. Once a year you can schedule their assessment and I heartily endorse their work.

The representative is always professional, friendly, and they even give you some energy efficient light bulbs! Think of it as the annual physical for your home and you will be amazed at what they discover. For more details on the program, click here:

Ron Cerrudo named South Carolina’s top teaching pro!


Congratulations to Ron Cerrudo! Ron is the Director of Golf Instruction at the Daniel Island Club and recently selected as the best golf instructor in the state of South Carolina. The ranking is published by Golf Digest with more than 1,100 industry teachers participating in the voting. The panel ranks the top teachers by state and the top 50 teachers in the country.

Ron has been with the DI Club for 13 years and has honed many of the members’ swings in that time.  A former PGA tour pro and winner of three championships, Ron has represented the United States in both The Walker Cup and World Cup teams.  Greg Keating, General Manager of the Daniel Island Club, said “We have long known that Ron is a fantastic instructor and we could not be happier that his peers have recognized his exceptional talent.”

So the next time you get the case of the yips or shanks, give Ron a call and have him tweak a thing or two in your game.  It could be your grip, your alignment, or your medulla oblongata.  Whatever troubles your golf game, Ron will figure it out and fix it.  And rest assured you will share a couple of laughs along the way.  Congrats Ron, it’s an honor to have you represent the DI Club!