The best food you’ll ever eat!

Elote salad

Wow this stuff is good!  I’m am stone cold addicted to this dish and no amount of rehab is going to cure me!

If you find yourself searching for that elusive “dish to pass” and are looking to impress the partygoers without doing a lot of work, this is the one for you.  My husband works at The Charleston Grill at The Charleston Place Hotel and this is a side dish they offered last year.  He loved it as did all the guests and he ran across this recipe in Esquire Magazine recently.

He has made it 3 times this summer and we are unable to stop eating it.  He’s got some talent in a kitchen but is certainly no chef.  But this dish is easy to make, somewhat healthy, is good both served warm or cold, and guaranteed to keep people asking for seconds if not thirds!

Essentially it’s a Mexican street dish and can be served in a variety of ways.  But now that’s it summer and the corn is bountiful, go ahead and give it a try.  And if you can’t find the cotija cheese at your market, go ahead and substitute feta.  Steve also likes to add some spicy diced sausage to the corn mix as he believes bacon and/or sausage makes everything better.  Enjoy!


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