The newest amenity at the Daniel Island Club


The long awaited club cottages have opened to rave reviews. They are beautiful, tastefully appointed and are great for members and their guests. Designed to be a home away from home for members, visiting family and guests, the three identical cottages are named after the three rivers surrounding the Charleston area. Guests staying in the Wando, Cooper and Ashley cottages have access to the other first-class amenities provided by the Club, offering a glimpse of Lowcounty life at its best. Click here to view the cottages:
When looking for a relaxing ‘staycation’, a place to house guests that feels like home, or a way to entice friends and family to join in your love for the Lowcountry way of life, the Club Cottages are a convenient and elegant solution. Advance reservations are required. Email or call 843-849-3530. Members and guests enjoy transportation options available exclusively to them. The club also recently purchased a Mercedes Benz 14 person passenger van which is available to the members and guests.  It’s going to be a wonderful way to go downtown for dinner or for a trip to the beach.


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