Heeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!

johnny siberia photo

Local boy Johnny Wactor is making it in Hollywood! This is a wonderful story about a great guy that worked at The Charleston Grill with my husband, Steve. He is one of the main contestants on “Siberia”, a faux reality show on NBC Monday night at 10 pm. It debuted this week and Steve and I could not stop laughing! It was great to see Johnny get plenty of airtime and I hope to find out the inside scoop as we are having lunch with him in LA next week. He is a really funny guy and plays a “hunky jerk” on the show.

It’s a pretty interesting concept for a tv show and a big break for Johnny who moved to LA about 4 years ago to “make it” as an actor. He grew up in Summerville and graduated from the College of Charleston. He said it’s been a struggle in the beginning but things have been happening lately and who knows what the future holds for him?

Steve and I are looking forward to catching up with Johnny and I will keep you updated on his career. Congratulations Johnny! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy and make sure you check out “Siberia” on NBC on Monday nights at 10pm.


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