What a difference 6 years make!

jack jordanIMAG0161

Wow, look how my nephews have grown in 6 years! Or how my husband has shrunk in 6 years . . .
As we all know, time is just flying by but check out this photo from my blog from 6 years ago when my nephews (Jack on the left and Jordan in the center) came to visit Daniel Island. The other photo is from our recent trip to Lake Tahoe when Steve played golf with them again. While they are both bigger and stronger than 6 years ago, Steve could not help but mention that he can still beat them. That gap is quickly closing he also admitted.

It was a great visit and just thought you might get a kick out of the two photos. If nothing else it’s a reminder of how quickly time passes so “carpe diem” my friends! And yes when we were in LA, we also visited with Johnny Wactor from the NBC show, “Siberia” and I will keep you updated on that in a future blog. It’s safe to say that Johnny has not yet been eliminated from the show, yet . . .


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