“Who’s your doctor?”

doctor cartoon

I am often asked this question by many of my new clients when they move to Daniel Island. What doctor is the best? Well I’m no doctor detector but my father was a dentist so I do know a little about patient care so here is the list of the doctors that I (and my husband) patronize. We like to use doctors on Daniel Island not only to support them but it also makes it easy to reschedule appointments and provides that home town feel we grew up with.

Feel free to mention my name if you do contact them. We have been with them since moving here 8 years ago and have been very happy with their services.
Our primary care physician is Dr. Lucy Davis (843) 856-6402
For eye care we go to Dr. Charlie Turner (843) 471-2733
For skin care/dermatology – Dr. Eleanor Sahn (843) 971-4460
For audiology we go to Dr. Jennifer Esse (843) 971-4199
And for dental services we travel off the island to ION and see Dr. Eric Horecky (a DI resident) (843) 388-0059

And should you ever need hospitalization, here’s a fun fact: US News and World Report recently ranked the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) located right here in Charleston as the best hospital in the state. I guess being hospitalized is never “fun” but it’s good to know it is right down the road.


3 thoughts on ““Who’s your doctor?”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Meg! We are celebrating 8 wonderful years in private practice on DI, and have been practicing in the Lowcountry for over 14 years! Happy to be located in the same space as your primary care doctor, Lucy Davis, MD! Living and working on DI is the best!

  2. HI Meg,

    I appreciate your approach to helping families with lots of good information and advise. This is Great Post!
    We love Daniel Island and may bring some more friends from NY to come on down here to live! I too have a blog: http://www.2sistersrecipes.com
    Please feel free to stop by and visit!

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