A beautiful swing, and she’s only 10!

lucy liIf you’re a golfer or even if you’re not, one has to appreciate the classic golf swing from 10-year-old Lucy Li who is playing in Charleston this week. She qualified to play in the USGA Women’s Amateur which is being held at the Country Club of Charleston so it’s a pretty big deal. It’s an amazing feat from this 4’8″/85lb dynamo and here is the link to her golf swing: (It’s a one minute slow motion video from her teacher, Jim McLean) http://vimeo.com/57413966

It’s exciting to have a USGA event in our town especially considering that the PGA was held here last year down at Kiawah. Charleston is known for great golf and this classic Seth Raynor layout at the CC of Charleston is honored to be chosen by the USGA for an event that started back in 1895.

I try to swing the clubs when I can and watching this 10-year-old has just inspired me to go out and hit the range. I do think it might be a little late in my life to qualify for the Women’s Amateur but maybe a bogey every once in a while would be nice.


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