We’re #1 and #5 in the friendliest city category!

charleston sceneWell thank you Conde Nast readers. In a recent reader’s survey, they voted Charleston the #1 friendliest city in the USA and #5 in the entire world! What a testament to the people of the region and to be honest, it’s a pretty influential sales tool for me. Who doesn’t want to live where the people are friendly? And I have to say, after living here for almost 8 years, I am hard pressed to find a place where the people are nicer. For the entire list, here’s the link: http://www.cntraveler.com/daily-traveler/2013/07/world-travel-dublin-auckland-cork-friendly-unfriendly-cities_slideshow_item0_1

My husband always likes to tell newcomers to the area, “you know, I was a nice guy when I first moved here but living here has really upped my game in the courtesy department.” It just rubs off on you and more noticeably, rudeness really makes you stand out. But I’ve seen it in others that have moved here “from off” and they too have softened their attitudes and seem quicker to smile. And what’s not to like? The weather, the food, the beaches, the easy living . . . combine that with the friendliness factor and it makes for a powerful draw.

And speaking of drawing people to live here, here is the sales activity for July on Daniel Island. http://www.danielisland.com/real-estate-activity/current-activity/
Sales continue to exceed expectations and with these accolades from Conde Nast and other publications, it is not surprising to see. Oh, if you’re looking for a road trip to friendly cities close to Charleston, visit Savannah and Asheville as they also ranked high in the survey. Congrats to them!


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