Heeeeeeeeere's Johnny!  (part two)HEEEEEEEEERE’S JOHNNY (PART TWO) Well I promised you I would update you on our friend and local boy Johnny Wactor, who is currently starring on the NBC show “Siberia.” We had a lot of laughs when we had lunch with him in LA in July and I posted a piece on him last month.

“Siberia” is on NBC at 10 pm on Monday night so check out the show and Summerville native Johnny Wactor. The ratings have steadied and it looks like Johnny even might have a season 2 lined up. He had some great stories to tell us about the show and especially the audition that got him the gig. Unfortunately we are held to secrecy but it’s great to see Johnny “making it” in Hollywood.

He says he misses the low country but auditioning, taking acting classes, and doing post production on “Siberia” is his life for now. But it sounds like LA is treating him just fine . . .

Steve and I have the show on DVR but you can also watch all the previous episodes online so enjoy the escapism and check your brain at the door!


Heeeeeeeeere’s Johnny! (part two)

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