Selling your home? Avoid these surprises —

surpriese baboon

Selling a home is an endeavor that can be chock full of surprises and hassles. I have seen all sorts of hiccups when people sell a home and while many cannot be avoided, there are some steps one can take to help limit these nuisances.

Selling (and buying) real estate can be emotional and fraught with shifting parts. People get scared, or angry, or just change their mind for the hell of it. Spouses disagree and a deal may go south. The bank won’t come through with financing at the last minute. There are a variety of issues that arise which can squelch a deal.

Trulia recently did an article on 4 surprise free strategies when selling a home and here is a summary which I encourage my clients to think about.
1) Be flexible and open to other options. Real estate is not a precision sport.
2) Do your math and be aware of any outstanding liens, taxes, or HOA fees.
3) Realize that recent history will be the best predictor of the home’s outcome.
4) Sellers can have contingencies too. Where will you live if your home sells?

Here is a link to the entire article which flushes out these concepts more fully. Life has enough surprises for us all, I like to keep them to a minimum for my clients.


August sales activity on Daniel Island

125 iron bottom
For all of my number crunchers, here is the August sales activity on Daniel Island:
Things are still rolling along and I am busy. But never too busy to answer your questions. Hope your September brings you some cooler weather and it’s great to have football back isn’t it?

Is Daniel Island seceding? And if so, why and from whom?


Wow, we have a little firestorm brewing here on Daniel Island and while I don’t think it equals Fort Sumter, there is talk of seceding from Berkeley County and annexing ourselves with Charleston County. To be honest, I don’t know all of the details but here is a link to a Post and Courier columnist named Brian Hicks who attempts to summarize the issue: (

Tonight there is an island wide meeting of the Daniel Island Neighborhood Association (DINA) and I’m sure that will be topic #1. Hopefully I will be able to glean some more info from this meeting and be able to form an opinion and pass on what I’ve learned. Needless to say, it’s a hot topic and the ramifications of secession from Berkeley County are varied and complex.

Secession is a word that reasonates deeply with the residents of South Carolina and justifiably so. Hopefully the bombardements will be civil from both sides and we can seek a solution which will satisfy everyone. I’ll keep you posted . . . Better yet, show up tonight and voice your opinion!

And the winners are . . .

chuck berryCongratulations to Paul Baratz for being selected as the winner of a bottle of Heron Hill wine for correctly answering “Chuck Berry” to my trivia question: The duckwalk is a stage element of guitar showmanship popularized by ________? Also congratulations to Marianne Michalakis for being the first blog reader to answer correctly. Two different contests, two different winners.

Thanks to everyone for entering and stay tuned for further contests. Congrats Paul and Marianne! And just to verify I run a clean game, here’s the video of the drawing for the second contest —

Rush hour on Daniel Island . . .

Another rainy afternoon leaving my office but I had to stop and take a photo of this! This is our form of rush hour on Daniel Island. This group of ducks were in no hurry so it was a good time to stop and snap a picture. It seems like we have had rain every afternoon this summer but it did not bother this family.

Now I am not a “birder” but I did read somewhere once that Daniel Island plays host to over 170 different bird types during the year. It truly is amazing the varieties of birds that can be viewed on Daniel Island. I don’t know an egret from an osprey but I do marvel at their beauty.

And here’s some fun for my blog readers, the first entry who can answer this trivia question correctly wins a bottle of Heron Hill wine: The duckwalk is a stage element of guitar showmanship popularized by ________?

Brake for ducks!

Sermet’s Courtyard restaurant on Daniel Island

Charleston is full of wonderful restaurants and one of my favorites is right down the street from my office. Sermet’s Courtyard is a delightful Mediterranean themed restaurant with great food and a great outdoor courtyard. Surrounded by a street of old oak trees and a block away from the Wando river, Sermet’s Courtyard is located on Daniel Island at 115 River Landing Drive (

The beet salad and the scallops are two of my regular orders but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. While the inside of Sermet’s is cozy and friendly, they also have a lovely courtyard and feature live music on some nights. Sermet Aslan is the owner and a long time fixture downtown with his place located at the corner of King/Wentworth St. He’s now on Daniel Island and can always be seen at the restaurant greeting guests and taking care of the place. I always feel in good hands there and it’s my “go to” place when entertaining clients and friends on Daniel Island.

And before or after dinner, take a stroll down to the waterfront and enjoy the view! See y’all soon at Sermet’s Courtyard!