Rush hour on Daniel Island . . .

Another rainy afternoon leaving my office but I had to stop and take a photo of this! This is our form of rush hour on Daniel Island. This group of ducks were in no hurry so it was a good time to stop and snap a picture. It seems like we have had rain every afternoon this summer but it did not bother this family.

Now I am not a “birder” but I did read somewhere once that Daniel Island plays host to over 170 different bird types during the year. It truly is amazing the varieties of birds that can be viewed on Daniel Island. I don’t know an egret from an osprey but I do marvel at their beauty.

And here’s some fun for my blog readers, the first entry who can answer this trivia question correctly wins a bottle of Heron Hill wine: The duckwalk is a stage element of guitar showmanship popularized by ________?

Brake for ducks!


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