Selling your home? Avoid these surprises —

surpriese baboon

Selling a home is an endeavor that can be chock full of surprises and hassles. I have seen all sorts of hiccups when people sell a home and while many cannot be avoided, there are some steps one can take to help limit these nuisances.

Selling (and buying) real estate can be emotional and fraught with shifting parts. People get scared, or angry, or just change their mind for the hell of it. Spouses disagree and a deal may go south. The bank won’t come through with financing at the last minute. There are a variety of issues that arise which can squelch a deal.

Trulia recently did an article on 4 surprise free strategies when selling a home and here is a summary which I encourage my clients to think about.
1) Be flexible and open to other options. Real estate is not a precision sport.
2) Do your math and be aware of any outstanding liens, taxes, or HOA fees.
3) Realize that recent history will be the best predictor of the home’s outcome.
4) Sellers can have contingencies too. Where will you live if your home sells?

Here is a link to the entire article which flushes out these concepts more fully. Life has enough surprises for us all, I like to keep them to a minimum for my clients.


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