“I think I’ll go into real estate . . .”


Look at this photo of prospective realtors! This licensing class for realtors and many others like it in the area are jam-packed with people looking to enter the world of real estate. Steve is currently taking this class to earn his license to complement his property manager’s license. He says there isn’t much room to move around in this tight classroom and it appears that many people want to be a realtor — again . . . Some of the students have let their licenses lapse and are throwing their hat back into the realty business.

I often chuckle when I hear people say, “I think I’ll become a realtor” or “I dunno, I like people and houses so maybe I’ll give real estate a shot.” I am glad Steve is getting his license so, if nothing else, he is able to better observe and understand what goes into the profession.

I’m not sure the area needs one more realtor but I wish everyone good luck. I am often asked, “how do you make money in the real estate business?” I think maybe owning a real estate school might be a good idea!


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