September sales activity on Daniel Island


This is the sales center at Daniel Island and it has been one very busy place lately. This past September we had a 104% increase in sales volume over last September. We had 24 closings and 10 of those closed at the asking price or higher. It’s great to see all the activity and October shows no sign of slowing down.

For all of my number crunchers, here’s the full report on September’s sales activity:

And although I’m busy as a bee lately, I’m never too busy for your referral and it will be my pleasure to help them find a home on Daniel Island.


One thought on “September sales activity on Daniel Island

  1. Congratulations, great article.
    BTW- Elise and I knocked on your front door yesterday around 3 pm. We were on the DI garden walk tour and there was a house on tour across the street from you.

    Hope everything is going great on your prep for your big trip.

    Best, Les

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