La Dolce Vita . . .

imageFellini’s classic 1960 film is an apt descriptor of my past 5 days. Unfortunately, “the sweet life” will be ending soon when Steve and I leave the picturesque Sicilian town of Taormina.image
We were fortunate enough to slap together a late October vacation to Sicily and what a lovely trip it has been!  Lots of sun, great food, plenty of tasty wines and two absolutely stunning hotels have made this getaway one I’ll always remember.

Taormina is a small medieval town in eastern Sicily with not one, but two fabulous Orient-Express hotels, both of which we were fortunate to stay at due to Steve’s work at the Charleston Place Hotel, a sister OEH property.

We were also hosted at a unique winery named Valle Dell’Acate in the Vittoria wine region and sampled regional foods and some amazing local wines. The picture is of Steve and I and our wonderful hostess, Luisa, who was very generous with her time and her wine! And to top off our vacation (pun intended), Mt. Etna had its first significant eruption since 1992! They even had to close the airport. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Etna will keep on rumbling and hold us captive just a bit longer . . .


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