The Charleston Grill wants your vote!

c grill
As many of you know, Steve works at The Charleston Grill at The Charleston Place Hotel and he has a favor to ask my readers. The James Beard Foundation Restaurant and Chef Awards for 2014 are in the process of selecting their recipients. These awards are essentially the “Oscars of the food and beverage industry” and with them come some significant publicity and bragging rights. Well, The Charleston Grill would like your vote(s).

Charleston has been blessed with many previous winners and nominees in the chef category such as Mike Lata, Sean Brock, Ken Vedrinski, and Jeremiah Bacon. One who I think has been overlooked for far too long is Michelle Weaver. Granted I’m a little biased but I think she puts out some of the best food in the region, night after night. She has been there for over 14 years and the consistency combined with the creativity is outstanding. Not to be overlooked in the pastry department is Emily Cookson. Her creations are pretty incredible as well.

Anyway, the only way to get nominated is by having people vote. So I’m asking for your vote. It’s real simple. Here is the link to the nomination page: and I would really appreciate it, as would Steve! And while you’re at it, go ahead and nominate the Grill for best wine program and best service staff.  Please feel free to send the link others and better yet, when you go down to the Grill, ask for Mickey and tell him “Meg sent ya and that you voted!” Every vote counts and I thank you for your support . . .


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