Moving your company to Charleston? Need a building or two?

Here is a quality 104,000 sq. ft. class “A” industrial first generation building for you and your company for starters. This building is located on Palmetto Commerce Parkway which is conveniently located between Daniel Island and the airport/Boeing facilities.

We all know that Charleston is a great place to live but it is increasingly being recognized as a great place to locate your business. The pro-business climate in the region is equal to or greater than our weather climate! Many businesses in manufacturing, aerospace, IT and logistics are moving here to take advantage of all that the area has to offer. I often envy people who move here because of their job relocation. Sometimes they are hesitant to uproot their lives but very few regret it once they live here awhile.

If you are thinking of relocating/expanding your business to Charleston, I know a guy who can help you. My real estate expertise is in residential, not commercial. However, Mike White from Charleston Industrial is the man I would direct you to for all of your needs. Mike is an expert on all aspects of commercial real estate and is a great guy on top of it! He and his lovely wife Alice, live on Daniel Island and have three wonderful daughters.

He is the Managing Director of Charleston Industrial ( and that building in the picture is his listing and I’m sure he would love to tell you all about it. His number is 843-377-8383 and by all means, tell him “Meg sent ya!” And for more information, here’s a 10 minute video featuring Mike and the benefits of locating your business in the Charleston area:
Need more than 104,000 sq. ft. building for your company? I’m sure Mike can find you something more so come on down to Charleston, your employees will love you for it!


One thought on “Moving your company to Charleston? Need a building or two?

  1. Hi Meg and Steve:

    How was Sicilia? I bet it was great.

    When can we get together? Steve, Brett is in town the week of Thanksgiving. We’re thinking of playing golf on Wed 11/27. Any chance you could join us?

    P.S. Charlie is no longer with us. Very nice guy, just not a good fit.

    Let’s chat.



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