My family link to the Winter Olympics – “Tuffy” Latour and skeleton



OK, so I might be stretching my blood lines via marriage a bit here but I will be watching the Skeleton competition a bit closer than the other events at this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi. That is because the head coach of the USA Men’s Skeleton team is Tuffield “Tuffy” Latour, and is a second cousin of my husband or something like that. He’s a very nice guy and we actually met him some years ago during a visit to Lake Placid and talked Bobsledding and Skeleton.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the sport of Skeleton, it’s essentially sliding down an icy track on a sled head first at speeds around 80 mph. The G forces that they undergo are similar to jet pilots. It’s a crazy sport as their heads are just millimeters away from the surface of the ice. The trials are scheduled for Feb. 13 and 14 so make sure you tune in to watch these brave/insane athletes.

And Steve is also quick to remind me that Tuffy’s grandfather, also named Tuffield, was an Olympic Bobsledder and national champion in the sport. Tuffy is the head coach of the USA Skeleton team but has also coached the USA Women’s Bobsled team to a gold medal in 2002, and in 2010 coached the Canadian Men’s and Women’s Bobsled teams to Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. For a more complete profile of Tuffy, click here GO TUFFY AND GO USA!


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