Bill Murray loves living in Charleston

bill murray

Count actor/comedian Bill Murray as a raving fan of living in Charleston. He recently sat down with Charlie Rose for an extended interview and talked about his life in Charleston. While initially hesitant about moving to South Carolina, he has come to love living in Charleston he told Rose.

Murray says that “life took me to South Carolina” as that is where his sons are. He says he didn’t originally choose to go to Charleston but has grown to love it here. “The people are kind, the place is beautiful” and it’s a good place to be a parent. “It’s easier than being a parent in New York.” He also talks about attending the “soulful black Catholic church” in Charleston “where the music is better” and how it provides some inspiration on daily living to him.

The interview is quite a fascinating look into the mind of Bill Murray. It’s introspective, funny, and provides an inside look into the roles he chooses to play. He says the secret to some of his success is that he always tries to be “alert and available,” both in his career and in life. It is fun to see him around town at the Riverdog games, at different restaurants, even in pick-up kickball games. For a look at the complete interview, click here:


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