Elect Ginny Deerin for Secretary of State


Here’s a not so fun fact: Did you know that since South Carolina became a state in 1788 that only four women have ever been elected to a statewide office? Yes, you read that right, only four. Granted we do have a female governor but that is still an astoundingly low number of women in statewide government positions. South Carolina also currently ranks last in presence of women in state government, with only 8.8 percent.

Well my friend Ginny Deerin is hoping to add one more as she is running for Secretary of State. I’ve known Ginny for a number of years and she is a terrific woman and will make a great Secretary of State. For those of you who don’t know what the position entails, the office of Secretary of State oversees charities, registers trademarks, controls business filings, and regulates cable television in the state. Ginny has dealt with this office via her non-profit endeavors and believes there has been a growing number of rules and regulations which need to be streamlined.

Ginny plans on dealing with the office’s inefficiencies and correcting them while also reducing the bloated multi-million dollar budget. While she has never run for office before, she has worked re-election campaigns for Charleston Mayor Joe Riley and I think will do a wonderful job as Secretary of State. Go Ginny Go! For a brief video of her announcement to run, click here: http://www.ginny4sos.com/video_announcement?utm_campaign=annc_friends&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ginny4sos


One thought on “Elect Ginny Deerin for Secretary of State

  1. Hi Meg and Steve:

    Great blog. Ginny has my vote- I’ll pass it on.


    Lester G. Detterbeck, CPA/PFS, MBA, CFP(r), CFA DWM FInancial Group, Inc. 4 North Atlantic Wharf, Suite 203 Charleston, SC 29401 843-577-2463

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