Healthy beef jerky from Daniel Island!


Daniel Island is host to a number of entrepreneurs and I read about an interesting one in the Monday Post and Courier. His name is Jason Burke and he has created a company called “The New Primal” ( that specializes in artisanal, grass-fed beef jerky. Their website states that the jerky “contains no nitrates, preservatives, or MSG. Nothing but pure grass-fed beef, marinated and smoked to perfection.”

Jason’s story is interesting as he started the company out of a desire to lose weight. He believed that most beef jerky is full of preservatives and is over-salted and over-processed. He then began his search for a healthier beef jerky. The New Primal owner strips the beef by hand, marinates it for days and then he smokes it over hickory chips. The complete Post and Courier article can be found here and details his journey and the expansion of his jerky empire:

It’s quite an interesting story and while I’m not a big jerky fan, I will have to try some. Steve always puts a little in his golf bag and I’m a big fan of buy local so congrats to Jason and his team! Daniel Island is now the home of healthy jerky!


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