Family brag – (Part Two) My niece is a first team All American!!!

family kwas photo

Forgive me but I gotta brag again about one of my many wonderful nieces and nephews. Now Jack, forgive me for making you yesterday’s news but sorry, your cousin Lauren Kwasnowski (pictured above evading impending doom) just knocked you off the proverbial front page. I am incredibly proud to announce that my niece has been selected Big East first team All American as a member of the UCONN Huskies women’s lacrosse team!

What makes this especially impressive is that she is just a sophomore and was a walk on to the team! Congratulations Lauren and good luck in the game tonight. UCONN made the semifinals and plays Georgetown tonight (Fox Sports 2 at 8:30). Lauren is the youngest of my brother David’s six kids. He and his wife, Linda, (pictured with Lauren after her first game last year) have raised fantastic young men and women and Lauren took the collegiate path less travelled. All of her older siblings graduated from Syracuse University while Lauren reversed Horace Greeley’s advice and went East. Much to the Cuse’s dismay it looks like; maybe they should have given her that lacrosse scholarship after all . . .

It appears UCONN is on a sports roll this year as both the men and womens basketball teams won their national championships. Let’s hope the lacrosse team keeps the hot hand (and sticks) alive with another championship. Go Lauren Go! So proud of my All American!


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