Memorial Day and the link to Mother’s Day . . .


Happy Memorial Day to everyone and while we widely recognize it as the kick off date to summer fun, I did come across some interesting tidbits about the day which used to be called “Decoration Day” in which gravesites of soldiers were decorated with flowers. It has since been changed both in name and date since its inception and coincidentally has some ties to the origin of Mother’s Day.

It is sad that we think of hot dogs and mattress sales on Memorial Day so lets not forget what Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion” and honor those who have sacrificed on behalf of this country. And the Moms who also suffered as a result.

And just to make it interesting on a solemn day, I’m running a contest for my readers: the first person who can correctly identify the US national cemetery in this post, you win a package of hot dogs! Hint: I have visited this site more than 10 times, it’s quite scenic and serene.

Here is a link to the complete story of how these two holidays are linked courtesy of the “Don’t know much about” series from Kenneth Davis. It’s really quite touching . . .


One thought on “Memorial Day and the link to Mother’s Day . . .

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