Berkeley County, SC in top 100 fastest growing US counties!

berkeley map

The word is out on Berkeley County. A number of new housing developments in the county has caused it to be named the 95th fastest growing county in the US. Since spring of 2010, the number of homes in the county has increased 3.4% to 75,846. Daniel Island Company’s Carnes Crossroads has added to this total and is indicative of the kind of growth that is continuing to sprout in the area.

Berkeley County was one of only two South Carolina counties to make the list. Experts predict the growth to continue in the county and many new developments are in the beginning stages with many more to come. It’s great to see more people discovering the benefits of low county living but I hope that the infrastructure will keep up with the county’s growing pains. New homes need schools, roads and public utilities to match and hopefully our legislators will be able to accomplish this arduous task without impacting our tax bill too heavily.

Some people may lament the loss of the rural aspects of living in Berkeley County but change is coming and I do not see it receding anytime soon. So if you want to learn more about living in one of America’s fastest growing counties, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to tell you what I know. Who knows, one day we may see a light rail system in the area. I know of some people who would just be happy with a CARTA bus servicing Daniel Island . . .


Jack Miller, Daniel Island ambassador . . .


Look at my nephews grow! Or is my husband shrinking?

We are enjoying a lovely trip to visit family in Lake Tahoe as my nephew (Jack, on the right) graduated from high school this week. And of course there is always a hotly contested golf match when Steve plays his nephews. If you look up my blog post on 7/25/13, you’ll see a similar photo. In fact, I think Jack is wearing the same Daniel Island golf shirt in both photos. He’s a proud DI ambassador but I have to get him another shirt I guess.

Steve barely squeaked out a win this time and admitted his reign may be coming to an end. I can’t believe how big they have become and what wonderful young men they are. And their sister (Annie) was also home for the graduation and it was great to catch up with her. She’s a charming young woman and is in the midst of planning on studying in Ecuador this fall.

It’s always wonderful to visit Lake Tahoe and I couldn’t be prouder of Jack. He’s headed to college at Northeastern in the fall and it will be great to have him on the east coast. Congratulations Jack!

Road trip to Columbia to see Bruno Mars!


Living in Charleston is wonderful but sometimes you just need to get outta town and take a road trip. Last Friday Steve and I hit the road and drove 2 hours up to Columbia to catch the Bruno Mars show. What a great getaway!

The show was incredible and he is a true talent. Singer, dancer, guitar player, drummer — he does it all. The place was packed and I have never been to a show that had a wider range of fans. Bruno has been an entertainer since he was a kid and it shows. Steve and I have a penchant for attending pop star performances (Beyonce, Pink, Lady Gaga, Brittney, et al.) and this road trip might have been one of the best.

And Columbia was a fun town too! Even though we were there less than 24 hours, it was nice to steal away for a day and walk around downtown before and after the show. We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard and it was conveniently located to the arena and Gervais St. where there are a number of bars and restaurants. Columbia is the state capitol and it was kind of fun to see the dome and nice to know that when we need a quick road trip, it’s only two hours away.

And here’s a little dose of Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” – Enjoy!

May sales figures for Daniel Island Real Estate

376 ralston creek st. Daniel Island

The May sales figures were released and it was the best month since last June! Activity continues to be strong and most economic factors continue to support the increased growth that we are enjoying. Daniel Island continues to grow and I just thought I would show a nice pool shot of one of my listings at 376 Ralston Creek St. This house could be yours, just call me for details . . .

For my number crunchers, here are the details on May:

“Two Wild and Crazy Guys!” — A golf marathon

marathonwild and crazy part two

wild crazy

If you thought Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd were “two wild and crazy guys”, wait to you hear what Daniel Island Club members, Kirk Beilke and Steve Meyer did on Monday afternoon. And Monday night, and Tuesday morning, and Tuesday afternoon. Starting at 6pm Monday night June 2nd, they continuously played the Ralston Creek golf course until 6 pm Tuesday evening. 24 hours of non-stop golf. Sounds tough right? Well they didn’t ride in a cart either. THEY WALKED THE ENTIRE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they made it! A Herculean task and Steve went out around midnight and captured these photos while biking around the course with them. He said it was a beautiful night and was amazed at how well they were playing. Check out the photo of a sign leading into the club that I took Tuesday afternoon which details their epic journey.

You might ask why in the world would these guys do such a crazy thing? It’s kind of a long story which you can read about here in The Daniel Island News but essentially Steve was chosen by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for their “Man of the Year” fund raising competition and one of the requirements was to host an event to raise money. (

This cause was close to his heart and Kirk’s as well. Kirk’s son was diagnosed with Leukemia three years ago and Steve’s Mom passed away from cancer three years ago. So together they came up with this wacky idea and have a goal of raising $25,000. If you wish to donate, (and I hope you do as these are great guys with a great cause) here is the link to Steve Meyer’s fundraising page:

Something tells me I won’t be seeing these guys out on the course anytime soon . . .