“Two Wild and Crazy Guys!” — A golf marathon

marathonwild and crazy part two

wild crazy

If you thought Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd were “two wild and crazy guys”, wait to you hear what Daniel Island Club members, Kirk Beilke and Steve Meyer did on Monday afternoon. And Monday night, and Tuesday morning, and Tuesday afternoon. Starting at 6pm Monday night June 2nd, they continuously played the Ralston Creek golf course until 6 pm Tuesday evening. 24 hours of non-stop golf. Sounds tough right? Well they didn’t ride in a cart either. THEY WALKED THE ENTIRE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they made it! A Herculean task and Steve went out around midnight and captured these photos while biking around the course with them. He said it was a beautiful night and was amazed at how well they were playing. Check out the photo of a sign leading into the club that I took Tuesday afternoon which details their epic journey.

You might ask why in the world would these guys do such a crazy thing? It’s kind of a long story which you can read about here in The Daniel Island News but essentially Steve was chosen by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for their “Man of the Year” fund raising competition and one of the requirements was to host an event to raise money. (http://www.thedanielislandnews.com/artman2/publish/Sports_66/DI_resident_to_take_part_in_24-hour_golf_marathon.php)

This cause was close to his heart and Kirk’s as well. Kirk’s son was diagnosed with Leukemia three years ago and Steve’s Mom passed away from cancer three years ago. So together they came up with this wacky idea and have a goal of raising $25,000. If you wish to donate, (and I hope you do as these are great guys with a great cause) here is the link to Steve Meyer’s fundraising page: http://www.mwoy.org/pages/sc/lc14/smeyer

Something tells me I won’t be seeing these guys out on the course anytime soon . . .


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