Berkeley County, SC in top 100 fastest growing US counties!

berkeley map

The word is out on Berkeley County. A number of new housing developments in the county has caused it to be named the 95th fastest growing county in the US. Since spring of 2010, the number of homes in the county has increased 3.4% to 75,846. Daniel Island Company’s Carnes Crossroads has added to this total and is indicative of the kind of growth that is continuing to sprout in the area.

Berkeley County was one of only two South Carolina counties to make the list. Experts predict the growth to continue in the county and many new developments are in the beginning stages with many more to come. It’s great to see more people discovering the benefits of low county living but I hope that the infrastructure will keep up with the county’s growing pains. New homes need schools, roads and public utilities to match and hopefully our legislators will be able to accomplish this arduous task without impacting our tax bill too heavily.

Some people may lament the loss of the rural aspects of living in Berkeley County but change is coming and I do not see it receding anytime soon. So if you want to learn more about living in one of America’s fastest growing counties, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to tell you what I know. Who knows, one day we may see a light rail system in the area. I know of some people who would just be happy with a CARTA bus servicing Daniel Island . . .


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