Travel and Leisure Magazine votes Charleston #1 (again!)


The accolades for Charleston as a top travel destination continue to roll in! The readers of Travel and Leisure have voted Charleston as the top destination in the US once again. This time we were selected as #2 worldwide, slightly behind Kyoto, Japan.

Pretty amazing stuff when you see the other cities rounding out the top 10 such as Florence, Siem Riep, New Orleans, etc. And travel experts agree that the T and L readers are a savvy, well-traveled group so Charleston should be proud to be recognized as a world class destination.

And a bit about the photo: It is a new mural outside the Mira Winery offices in downtown Charleston showcasing some of the notable food and beverage players in the area. In the top right, you can see that The Charleston Grill is well represented with portrayals of Chef Michelle Weaver and GM extraordinaire, Mickey Bakst. Kudos to all!


One thought on “Travel and Leisure Magazine votes Charleston #1 (again!)

  1. Nice work, Meg and Steve. Elise and I loved this.

    But, Steve, can’t we photoshop this picture and get you and Meg into it?



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