A fun getaway — to Charleston!

imageWe say we should do it more often and we rarely do. But finally last weekend Steve and I celebrated our anniversary by staying downtown for two whole nights! It was truly fun to stay downtown and explore Charleston like a tourist. Of course, I didn’t really expect to see our names in lights at the Riviera Theater marquee on King St. so maybe it wasn’t exactly your normal tourist experience.

Nevertheless, we walked the Battery, went to the farmers market, dined at Halls and Zero George, schmoozed at the Cocktail Club, saw a hilarious production at Pure Theater — we really just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. It really does give you a different perspective and a sense of what a special town Charleston is. I think our favorite aspect were the pedi-cabs. It’s such a fun and interesting way to get around town and our drivers were great. We just left our car in the parking lot and called for a pedi-cab when we needed one.

Coming back to Daniel Island on Sunday we committed to playing “tourist in your own town” more often and yes, we also committed to each other. However, I don’t think we’ll have the movie marquee theme again . . .


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