The Islander on Daniel Island is open!


I’m a little late with this announcement as The Islander on Daniel Island has been open for a couple of months but I finally made it over there recently. And a big thumbs up to everyone at The Islander! They are busy and for good reason.

Formerly the location of Queen Anne’s Revenge, they have totally revamped the restaurant and have created a wonderful island vibe with appropriate food and drink to match. There is a great outdoor/indoor bar with patio seating and mister fans cooling the crowd. Holy City Hospitality Group (Rue de Jean, Coast, Virginia’s on King) are the people behind the restaurant and they have turned this property into a winner!

I highly recommend trying the ceviche and the crispy whole flounder. They are now open for lunch which is especially convenient for the employees of Blackbaud and Benefitfocus.
For more information and details on their menu:

While it is not St. Martin or Puerto Rico, they do have a steel drummer and a blender so what more do you need to escape?


Charleston voted friendliest city in America!

packagesThe annual reader’s survey from Conde Nast was recently released and surprise — Charleston was voted the “friendliest city in the USA.” Poor Newark, NJ was on the opposite end of the spectrum and was voted the “unfriendliest.” Globally, Charleston was voted #4 only eclipsed by Melbourne, Auckland and Victoria, BC. Some fine company Charleston finds herself in . . .

The Conde Nast description of Charleston was such:

Several visitors praised this “quaint and special little gem” for embodying Southern hospitality at every turn—so much so that they “would consider living there full time.” The historic town earned accolades for its blend of “undervalued local culture,” history, and natural beauty, as well as the “incredible food” and Charleston City Market, with its boutiques and art galleries. In short, Charleston is the total package, landing it atop the list for the second year in a row.

I have a friend who remarks about first moving to Charleston and I think it rings true with a lot of us “from off” (local dialect when describing someone not born in Charleston.) He says that “I was a nice guy when I
moved here but I soon upped my game just to keep with everyone. It’s pretty contagious this niceness.” Just watch out when they say, “bless his heart.”

June sales report


Let me tell you, it’s been hot both inside and outside the Daniel Island sales office lately. In fact, I’ve been so busy that I have to apologize to my number crunchers as I’m a little tardy in releasing the June sales figures for Daniel Island Real Estate.

Needless to say, things have been heating up nicely but I always have time for your questions so feel free to contact me. For more details on June’s activity, here you go:

Stay cool everyone!