My sister-in-law won a new car! Maybe . . .


Some exciting news in the Latour family recently as my sister-in-law, Nancy Latour from Bath, NY, had a hole in one during a golf tournament and won the new car she is standing in front of. Well, she thinks she won it . . .

The decision is still pending but here’s what happened and it is quite a conundrum. During a scramble format golf tournament, the 4th hole featured a 2015 Chrysler as a prize for the first person to have a hole in one. Well Nancy, who admittedly is not a great golfer (i.e. 36 handicap), got invited to the event at the last minute. On her 8th hole of the day with a little swing juice flowing through her veins, she belted her mighty driver 141 yards and bingo, into the hole it disappears! Of course they thought it went over the green and after not finding it there, they checked the hole and there it was!

Needless to say, joy erupted around the green and there were others to attest to her incredible feat. Off to the pro shop they raced to document this once in a lifetime deed and that’s where the fun really began. In retelling the saga to the assistant pro at the golf club, he uttered these fateful words — “I think we might have a problem.”

Apparently the insurance company which creates and backs these hole in one policies requires that a certain distance must be used in order to honor the contract. Nancy, as instructed, had played from the ladies (red) tees which were 141 yards vs. the mens tees (white) which were 160 yards. Oh-oh . . .

There was no doubt that she had the hole in one but now the question is whether the offer will be honored. One of the guys at the tournament even kidded Nancy about “equal pay for equal work.” The insurance company appears to be honoring the contract but Nancy has had to meet an officer of the company at the golf course, has taken pictures recreating the moment and other members of her foursome have had to sign depositions. So it looks like the t’s are being crossed and the i’s are being dotted but she doesn’t have the keys just yet.

Stay tuned and hopefully we will soon see Nancy behind the wheel of her new Chrysler instead of just standing next to it on the outside! And if she doesn’t end up with the car, she can console herself with the closest to the pin prize (0’0″) which she also won – a free oil change . . .


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