The 3 Lessons of Life . . .


Recently I was rummaging through some cabinets in our house and I came across this gem posted above — The 3 Lessons of Life.

1) Only you can make yourself angry
2) Someone always has it worse than you
3) No matter what, you look back in 10 years and laugh

This piece of handiwork was crafted by the daughter of a dear friend when she was 15 years old.

She had gone through some tough emotional problems and her parents had recently divorced. She was upset and having trouble dealing with her anger. After sharing her feelings with us, Steve and I discussed ways to handle her emotions and we came up with these 3 simple nuggets she could call upon when upset.

About 6 months later, we were delighted to receive this needlepoint from her. How sweet. I had completely forgotten about it until last week and was overjoyed to rediscover it. I thought you might enjoy these life lessons and it was a powerful reminder for me on how to handle upsetting situations.

Our friend’s daughter is now grown and living a wonderful life but this needlepoint from a once troubled teen is still heartwarming and elucidating. It deserves to be framed and not stuck in a drawer so I’m happily adding that task to my “to do” list.


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