Stuck in a middle seat?


If you have been flying in and out of Charleston over the last 5 years, hopefully the middle seat was not your seat location. However, the results are in and aisle and window seats are at a premium if you happened to be departing or arriving from the Charleston International Airport between 2010-2015.

Recently the Charleston County Aviation Authority announced some numbers that are truly stunning. In 2010, slightly over 2 million passengers passed through the airport. A mere 5 years later, the number of passengers increased to over 3.13 million! That increase is remarkable and a testament to the popularity of Charleston. The reasons for the growth are varied — Boeing, of course plays a big part but the burgeoning tourism industry and the attractive lifestyle of the area also contribute heavily to this travel spurt.

There is no doubt that Charleston is booming and these numbers attest to that fact. Low cost carriers Southwest and Jet Blue also make our town much more accessible and are a large reason why the airport is undergoing its current expansion. To think that over 1 million more people are flying in an out of Charleston versus five years ago is an amazing statistic. Numbers don’t lie; the low country is hot and getting hotter as a destination for both business and pleasure.


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