Alligator Excitement on Daniel Island!


We had a little excitement near the par 3 twelfth hole on the Ralston Creek golf course recently. No, not a hole-in-one but these sizable alligators were pulled out and “put to sleep.” I wasn’t there to watch the wrangling of these impressive creatures but a friend was nice enough to send me this picture.

There are a number of alligators around the ponds of Daniel Island and while they look menacing, they are generally harmless if you follow the rules.

1). NEVER feed alligators. Not only is it against the law, it’s dangerous. It trains alligators to associate humans with food, and lessens their natural fear of us.
2) Keep children and pets away from the edge of ponds. Alligators primarily live in fresh water, and you should assume that every pond on Daniel Island will have a gator in it from time to time. While it’s typical to see alligators basking in the sun when the temperature is warm, alligators were spotted in Daniel Island ponds throughout the winter!
3) NEVER swim in any of the ponds on Daniel Island
4) Keep your Distance. Alligators are surprisingly quick.

Observe these simple rules and you will be fine.


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