Ron Cerrudo named South Carolina’s top teaching pro!


Congratulations to Ron Cerrudo! Ron is the Director of Golf Instruction at the Daniel Island Club and recently selected as the best golf instructor in the state of South Carolina. The ranking is published by Golf Digest with more than 1,100 industry teachers participating in the voting. The panel ranks the top teachers by state and the top 50 teachers in the country.

Ron has been with the DI Club for 13 years and has honed many of the members’ swings in that time.  A former PGA tour pro and winner of three championships, Ron has represented the United States in both The Walker Cup and World Cup teams.  Greg Keating, General Manager of the Daniel Island Club, said “We have long known that Ron is a fantastic instructor and we could not be happier that his peers have recognized his exceptional talent.”

So the next time you get the case of the yips or shanks, give Ron a call and have him tweak a thing or two in your game.  It could be your grip, your alignment, or your medulla oblongata.  Whatever troubles your golf game, Ron will figure it out and fix it.  And rest assured you will share a couple of laughs along the way.  Congrats Ron, it’s an honor to have you represent the DI Club!


What is there to do in Charleston? Take a look at this . . .

On a regular basis I am asked, “What is there to do when we come to Charleston?” Rather than list the events and activities there are to enjoy in the area, I thought I would present this wonderful video.

Pictures beat words so watch and enjoy . . .

Click here for a quick two and a half minute you tube video of just some of the events held in the Charleston/Daniel Island area:

Another reason to live on Daniel Island . . .


I often feel blessed living on Daniel Island but these past couple of days have really cemented my appreciation of this place. As this photo of kayakers paddling through the downtown market area attests, the Charleston region and beyond is undergoing a once in a lifetime drenching. Rain, rain, and more rain has been the forecast for the last 48 hours and this time the weather people have been spot on.

My heart goes out to everyone who is undergoing the flooding. Sand bags and rubber boots are essentials, especially downtown on the peninsula. It has been incredible the amount of rain this area has received. Roads, stores, and schools everywhere in the area are closed and soon the massive clean up will begin.

However on Daniel Island, there has been minimal flooding because it is one of the higher locations in the Lowcountry. Luckily, we have been spared much of the despair that is engulfing the rest of the region.  There are definitely areas on the island that are pretty soggy but by and large, Daniel Island has dodged a bullet.

Granted, our elevated flood plain is not one of the first selling points when I talk about living on Daniel Island, but after this weekend it certainly will be a talking point. On a more personal note, it’s been wonderful that so many friends from around the country have contacted us inquiring about our situation. I feel sheepish when I tell them that it’s actually been fun enjoying the Lowcountry version of a “snow day.”