Golfboards are now available at the Daniel Island club!


How cool does this look?   No more 5 hour rounds and no more waiting around for your buddy to drive to his ball.  The Golfboard has come to the Daniel Island Club.  Currently they have rented 4 of these to test them out with the membership.  It will be interesting to hear the stories but I know my husband will be one of the first to try one out.  He already has taken the mandatory video lesson and signed his liability waiver.

The reports are that they are easy and fun to maneuver around the course, tee boxes and greens.  For a cool video on how they operate click here:  

Hopefully we won’t be hearing stories of collisions and any other mishaps.  The proponents of the Golfboards say that it’s easily possible to play 36 holes in about 5 hours. How that will affect play with golfers in standard golf carts is yet to be seen but I’m pretty sure these will prove to be quite popular.

Kudos to the golf staff for bringing some fun and exciting developments to the club.  Later this year they also have a tournament planned using only hickory shafted clubs with players attired in knickers and ties and hats.  One step forward and one step back I guess.  Stay tuned and you may even see a video of me scooting down one of the fairways soon!